Answer plz

Heyy everyone I was jus wandering if you get any monsters from having dragon island. I have it but have to re download it. But if you don’t get anything special ill jus wait for cosmic. Also is there a easier way to beat archwing?

Yep you do,

The answer to the tombstone riddle of the first town is in DIB

and it unlocks Don Penguini

forget about arch wing till later you can continue with the story and come back to him when you are stronger. that said i find screaming the finish battle cry of “Tulta munille!” (Fire at their balls!)" helps at least keeps you from getting as discouraged.

Yeah but you don’t NEED to have Dragon Island to get Don Penguini, just know the code.

For sure but the aim of it, is to promote DIB so it’s better not to give it away too much…

And since OP said they already have DIB no point in giving it