How many people have used your shared monster!

I’m currently on 299 people have used my shared monsters!

What about you all ?

Only got super epics, set it to Carnofrost people that want to use Unwanted Friend, at 107 uses so far

Got The Godfeather, its been used 1009 times


Omegadragon 227 times

Magmatyrant 178 times

397 with Omega

How do you tell how many times your monster have been shared

570 with flarevern

39 with rexotyrant T_T

Hatch -> Friend Chest -> Below the Friend Chest button it tells you “Your shared monster was chosen ____ times”


Been sharing my crysdrake(now Kamiwrym) from the beginning and when i got new legends I shared my cryowrym, celestrion, and my current shared monster TalorKnight. I change them up from time to time

So far 402 shares



I’ve had the game for a week, and my Tiamad’s been shared 141 times. Maybe it’ll spike when I can Ultra-Evolve it at 45.


184 times. It’s shot up ever since I ultra-evolved to Tiamazus.

1200 times current warca

716 with Dragaia (ultra-evolved Gigarock).