How does stats work?

I’ve been playing for about three months now and i still don’t know what speed is for. Help!

It is just for entrance of the monster next in line or for deciding the turn order in the fl.
Well here it is a little example of it.
Lets start with the fl .
A mons with 95% speed will always be in the next turn of a monster with more speed for example 98% as it is placed at (35+(100-95)*0.8) secs and the other mons will place at (35+(100-98)*0.8) secs.
But here is where potions do the trick and for understanding that I would suggest you to read kd guides about bonus potions
Here’s the link KD's Bonus Potions and Entrance Speed guide - #3 by Killerdog.
Now talking about the next set of monsters coming in the battlefield.
A 92% monster at +0 will enter the field at
(35+(100-92)*0.8) secs
And a mins with 85 % speed will enter at
(35+(100-85)*0.8) secs.
I don’t think I explained everything about speed . U need to go through killerdog’s guide for it. Thank you



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