Hola me llamo Mark

Me gustaría entrar a algún grupo de wassap de habla hispana de Neo Monster

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U shouldn’t be giving out ur phone number this openly . Spooky people are everywhere .

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Hello! This message is in English because that’s the Forum language.

Following what Prof. Oak said, you shouldn’t indeed reveal your phone number openly here. I’ve removed it for you.

I’m sure some Hispanic clans can recruit you though. As far as I know LDN and TNC are such clans, so I suggest you contact people who have this tag in their username.

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Welcome to Neo mon forum. Duck will send you the ‘Helo’ fish
Yes, for @PLAY_MARK , for example - @Professor_Oak .
For the clan (I didn’t translate your message but followed what Exu said), you can contact @DRACARYS for joining TNC, it’s a Whatsapp Clan or @LDN_Raghnius for LDN. Both chat in Spanish.

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U know what, I almost wanna start a clan called ISP –

******* International Spooky Players *********

I will call my future clan “Congress of Unity and Majesty”


Marque si hace mi tarea de español y le daré una cuenta gratuita de Neo Monsters con 10 legendarios y 2 míticos.

I’ll DM you ASAP

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