Help me with my lineup. Im stuck at marco. Appreciate any help

You need to evolve your monsters, and… I can’t remember Marco’s team.

Marco isn’t that strong…

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Haha, okay bro, ive passed him. And now im stuck at episode xvii. Can you give me advice to pass that stage?

Is that girl? The one with a Phantomaiden?

Yes. Her. Ive tried many combinations but it is hard because she has too many auto poison. And the detox blast is so painful

What I did to defeat him is that I kept a demontoad and noxdragon at places 1 and 2 - Demontoad enrages Noxdragon and it uses assisted dusk (all). Then there was a dreadgar to use deicide and at the fourth place, you can keep a give turn monster or protector.
now I checked your mons. You must use hellfox at the fourth place (after dreadgar) because dread will die quickly and then you can use double retribution. Though I kept an electricheetah there to accelerate team before any move

Thanks to u , he can finally defeat Marco after 3 months.

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Well to be fair, seems like really good advice using freely available monsters! Lots of people ask for help with this battle so it can help them