Help me episode xvii

This girl is annoying

Tell the team

This video will show you

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And this is my team

Hey it’s easy have a auto protect , galvbane , knockback 3* monster of island , continue stunning all 4 mons after knocking back teamturn guy. Bring in your mythic (one which is evolved) kill the protector have your galvbane and mythic charged bring 1 heal all mons to heal galvbane . Just don’t overkill , kill the monsters which enters and u will win

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Were u able to complete

His renevent got me

Did u try again many times rng is also a major factor in success

I did its ether the guards or the renevevant gonna try a poison team and then brute team tommrrow

Try with ultimadragon at frontlineup .
And at backend end with link poison fire ,or banedragon with give turns . Maybe ur lacking a bit aggression on the backend .
Can u tell me hw many monsters are u able to kill after stun lock

its mostly the end team of his that gets me duo dethwish and renevent plus sekelevitan

Detox strike for the win