Help Anisa Biweekly Mission - battle 8 (central battle)

This one is particularly useful tough.We just have 12 monsters while enemy has nautipods who keep calling supply. Then towards end , there is poison and full of camouflage ones. I am facing lot of problems. So if anyone can give strategy, it would be cool. If someone can give a video of recording, it’s even better. I tried at least 20 times but unable to defeat.
I have faced some tough battles in previous few weeks in biweekly missions but none like this. I am just not able to get strategy right.

Here you go

This is the only person in youtube who uploads about biweekly and also a lot of pve events make sure u follow him .


Yeah that one was annoying but at least not messed up by bad turn RNG at the start. Iirc, I element massacred the nautipods, then tried to pull off a small scale sleep lock with Goldtail to carry me far enough into the enemy team where I could finish the battle with the monsters I had left.


Thanks. This is last biweekly’s one which I finished without much difficulty. But new biweekly came out today for which I am not able to do 8th battle. I will wait till he uploads the completitionf for the new ones.

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Yeah. I did the same. But new biweekly mission which released today is harder for 8th battle. There is no element massacre. Try out new one 8th battle - it’s probably hardest one I’ve faced in last 4 biweekly missions.

It is difficult but doable. Kill the mythic with delugaza‘s secret skill. Double repulse the two nauticruiser and kill scarleguard with double bloodthirst. Spam yukis later. That should do it.

It take 8 hour to complete :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

But finally I got it​:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


Nice :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


That’s what I did. It did not work out. I finished everything else except this…

Just did it myself, definitely not easy! Took 3 tries but could’ve been way more because my battle was very close.

At the beginning you swift chrono killer the Cypridrus to get a kill on Delugazar. Double repulse the two Nauticruiser/pods that are awake (prioritise the cruisers) and I think stun flash (if you have to). Double dreamhunt the sleeping one plus Scarleguard. Fast breaker mortar on the St. Togala. Double bloodthirst (1 charge) from Delugazar on the Nautipod NOT on 1HP and the 2nd form Nauticruiser (hope it one-shots). Whether that 2nd form Nauticruiser dies or not, you should be in a reasonable position from here. Use bloodfury from Geartyrant on the 1HP Nautipod once Geartyrant gets a turn, if it lines up. Don’t forget to exit plan with Sweetfeather after it has used double dreamhunt.

There’s the potential to spam snow and use Astrogolem’s sacrifice load mortar on the Yuki. If you can get that going then it’s great. Also, Geartyrant staying alive is great because I think there’s a good chance to charge bloodfury in the way I say and when Aethereon comes in it likes to use time warp, passing 100s for you on their death sentences.

Later in the battle it gets awkward because you’re facing camouflage and have many monsters which hit two targets. For me, the two Baublebasher came in and used slayerbane on everything I had. I took out both the Baublebashers with Vigziarid, having to necromancy it with Atrahasis for the second transient bash.

I hope these tips help!


Thanks form tips! I came close the o finishing so many times but rockiod protected camouflage at end is very painful. If not for these rockiods at end I would finished it…Yes starting is same for me - I was doing what you suggested anyway but endgame is painful for me. I think it will take few more tries and some luck to finish it,

Yeah definitely make sure you take down the Baublebashers before getting to the rockoids! The Baublebashers are the top priority when you get to that section of the team. Their slayerbane and retribution punish you too much if you kill anything else.

Got it done finally with some luck. I got Shurikaizer from necromancy and sleep locked two others at the end ( this was pure luck) and wiped baublebashers. Very close one.I have completed 4 bi weekly and none of the other 59 mathces come even close in difficulty. You are genius in completing in 3 times. This one alone took same time as other 14 matches.

This is not fair @Dev_VKC .seriously 13monster (some monster lock ss,and non ultraevolve) vs 20 monster with 5 awaken myth and 1 finisher. maybe advanced player can defeat this but for new player.I don’t think so

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Use auto


I wasted my whole afternoon to defeat that 8th battle… hahaha

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I guess we should make an official thread for help in biweekly mission.

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I just finished it in 4 tries. I’d say that’s probably the hardest biweekly battle I’ve tried so far. I wasn’t paying much attention for the first three tries and kept losing around the section with awakened asmodia or the baublebashers. I beat it on the fourth attempt after I switched up my playstyle. I tried pretending as if it was a pvp match where I have to create deadweight in the enemy team and control the field, which I rarely do when playing pve.

It was indeed too hard.
Prolly my hardest biweeklies were this one and another one with a link holy fl of void/heavenswyrm/prismaryx and a biweekly from 7 months ago thay had oniblade endgame lol.

Completed after ten day :fire:

Harder than othar pve event :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping: