Ummm, Hi? Lol I’m not good with introductions, I’m pretty much new here…

Socially Awkward…sorry

Hello and welcome to the forums :) 

Hęlloooo :slight_smile:

Welcome! Glad to have you

Nice avatar :wink:

Welcome to the family! Glad to have ya.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! The chats is also there to bond with some other HI fans, so check that out too. :slight_smile:

Well hello there!

Welcome! And indeed a Nice avatar ! Now a Nice banner to finish it


It’s okay, I’m socially awkward too! /SNEEZES OUT CONFETTI

Welcome to the forums and I hope you enjoy your stay! Like Tiberius said, don’t hesitate to ask questions, but if you haven’t seen it yet you should check out the FAQ (http://www.hunterislandforum.com/index.php/topic/161-faq-frequently-asked-questions-about-hunter-island/). It has ton of juicy information. ‘7’

Have a good day/night!

Hey guys!!!
Thxs for all the warm welcomes :smiley:
It means a LOT!!!
*smiles awkwardly*
Btw when I say guys, I don’t mean like boys guys…like people guys… :wink:

I’m one of those people who call everyone “guys” and “dudes” unless they tell me not to. They’re gender-neutral to me.

But… you’ll see me saying “y’all” a lot. Heheh.