Friends bugged?

I can’t access my friends when I’m going online mission. What I can access is only some people around level 1.

Also, all 50 of my friends last played is 1 day ago. Can’t be a coincidence.

Same, all it finds are 1 lvl people.
Super easy to find cheaters, 1 hero rank and ultra evolved legendary monster (speed not maxed, 100% catch hack. But only 1lvl? How stupid you need to be!).
Super depressing to see all these lvl 1s with legendarys, when I got my first at 40ish :smiley:

Since it happened for some player (including me) I think its a bug and hope it get fix in a few days

I have the same problem, all my People’S is 1lvl, dont have active friends but in friend list they are on.