Hell mode

@Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD

Thanks for adding hell mode for not only the story mode but event(s) as well! I finally found hordes challenging, the hell level 5 was fun

Looking forward to see other event hell modes


Love a bit of praise for the devs now and then. They get a lot of stick sometimes on the forum so it’s nice to see them get some credit. Also love the legend shop too.

1 gem is a bit meh as a reward, but looking forward to doing the hell mode!

It’s more for fun I think, an extra challenge for experienced players with a bit of a reward. Icons for doing hell mode on events would be nice too.

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@Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD
When I claim the gem reward from completing a GoH hell mode mission the screen goes black and stays black after saying “connecting to server”. After waiting for more than a minute I restarted the app and have the issue again claiming the second one. It’s incredibly irritating considering it takes the app slightly over 5 minutes to load!

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I think I need to find more fun from the pve event, now the pve events are too simple.

This should be fixed now.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thanks, worked fine for me now!


Extreme should have 3 hell mode battles

Battle 1 - 100 monsters - 1 gem reward

Battle 2 - 125-150 monsters - 2 rare gem reward

Battle 3 - 150-175 monsters - 1 legend ticket & icon reward

Rest can stay as they are.


PVE blows. When is PvP coming back?

Kill 100 monsters for 1 Gem woooooo.

PvE events need to step up a notch, game is stale as ■■■■.

Why not create a Online raid mode (with a clan) where we as a team fight mini to big bosses (hard teams in this case) for rewards that runs weekly or a Hell tower mode where you climb floors for rewards but it’s there permanently where eventually has you get better you climb higher floors can be added monthly etc…

I don’t know look around other mobile games and copy their ideas. Lmao

I personally like it just being a few gems, not anything important that other players feel like they’re missing out on. Gems are always good, but 5 gems won’t make the non-elite players cry. Rare gems work reasonably well too, but less good I think.

I think 6* tickets should be made accessible to more people, rather than them just being in hell mode for elite players. Master lvl 14 is the kind of place I would put it.

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They got that planned for evertale


Still in progress, fingers crossed for you guys .