Hatched galliodrak from the first egg. Keep it?

I actually wanted boneblade or grovos or oakspawn from the first egg. But hatched galliodrak. Keep it? Or reroll? I like oakspawn very much. But I like galliodrak too. What to do?

Galliodrak is pretty good. It’s the highest speed stun flash mon in the game and you likely will still be using it once you are at a high level (in certain pvp events). Boneblade and oakspawn are probably better but it could take a while to get.


Wait for boneblade, hes great :slight_smile:


Boneblade or Oakspaw? Which should I target?

Boneblade for sure!



Use him for an instant Desparate all

Kinda sucks to hear that…I bought Galliodragon with Tickets

He’s good for dungeon challenge and standard pve teams. definitely not worth the tickets tho…

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Yeah I kinda feel like a looser :sob::sob::sob:

But I did this only for a Desparate team

I already started rerolling. Hatched a Firesquire.

Galliodragon was perfect as a starting monster :’(

Of the ones you mentioned, Oakspawn is the strongest one. I would not recommend Oniblade (boneblade) because it’s very one-dimensional even if it can make strong combos.

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Sorry, one dimensional means?

It does one thing and not much else. With Oniblade it’s basically used at the front of a team either as a way to pass time for things like 400s megabomb / survivor or in combination with sleep immune monsters (the common PvP use) so you put enemies to sleep but not your own team.

I’m being a but harsh calling Oniblade one-dimensional and it’s definitely powerful but I think it you had it as your first monster you’d end up using the same kind of front line for months and months and to get something stronger than it you’d need to build up a collection of legendaries. You might get bored of it or otherwise find it frustrating that if you change your front line you can’t fit Oniblade later on in your team easily at all.

If you need a monster with one-on-one (for setting up 400s megabomb) then Yetikong the epic is available in the monster hunting section.


I’m afraid KD will give a huge explanation

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@Soikot R u Indian?

Nope. Bangladeshi.

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Welcome bro…same here

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Thanks. Could tell seeing your name. :smile:

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