Guilds/ Global chat.


There is still something missing about guilds… The fact that some guilds still rely heavily upon Line/ WhatsApp and others, says something. I’m thinking maybe add notifications icons. The same as the icon that shows you how many soul summoning stones the user has. Some users might not like that concept so maybe make it so you can choose to have it on and of. Also maybe add a section to let players know who is actually on line. Just a couple thoughts to get things going.

Global chat would be highly beneficial as well on the main menu screen where your looking at your FL team lineup. Also you could have that so the player could chose to pull it up or minimize it if they were bothered by it.




There is a chat inside the guild people use the other means to find others



Can sbd tell me whats the purpose behind Guilds? Is there a “Guild-Wars” Topic which is going to be released? Or is it just the opportunity to get those friends-mercenarys?



There will be guild wars etc what that entails no one knows

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