I have beaten twice now the Grailing event and have yet to receive a Grailing. This upsets me cause I would like it to have to ultra evolve my Celestwing. What do I do? I sent them a email too.

Beaten just the mission or beaten the event? You are aware that there is only a 30% chance of encountering Grailing, right?

There are no encounters within the dungeon.

I killed all the monsters at the boss battle twice now.

Why are there no encounter mist things then

Do you get it by a mist or at the end of the battle?

Was Grailing with the set of monster you were fighting? If so, you’ll get him after you beat him. If not, you will have to do the dungeon again.

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Ah so that’s how okay no he wasn’t that’s unfortunate.

I wish the ticket price was lower with such a small percentage

If you’re a new player, it is indeed unfortunate because of your limit, it’s still worth going for it though.

I’m so angry on the time I have it I couldn’t defeat the boss battle >:( because I chose a easier friend helper then I was before so mad!

What are grailings usd for?

To ultra evolve legends

I personally wanted it for my Celestwing

I’m gonna evolve my leobolt with the grailing and guess what… I got it on my 2nd try;)

why did you reply on a 2 year old thread though. Also, I get grailing and crownwalker on my first try every single time so get rekt


I’ve found that the best way to welcome someone new to the forum is by telling them they shouldn’t be posting here and that they broke a rule they didn’t know about.

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You necroed a 4 days old post. The Neo Monsters Council hereby sentences you to death via lethal injection

Lethal injection initiated.