Goldio, Plasmoid and Ninjagust

Where are they? I haven’t seen them in an online mission yet.

They are getting to them, they are re doing the older ones for the evo names, then we will get Hydrablazer, Cruiserfish, Ninjagust, etc.

Where are they? I haven’t seen them in an online mission yet.

They have a move that forces the app to close.

That’s why you haven’t seen them

We played with them and no matter what adjustments were made, they still closed the app.

Whether it’s changed now, I don’t know.

I’m sorry to up an older topic but… they are unobtainable for ever?

Due to the issues involved with them…probably

They forced closed the app far too many times to make them worth being available.

Whether that has changed, I don’t know

It would be a good idea to fix the crash bugs and allow them to be released, really.

Yes good point for Ashley and imagine if this 3 ark,make the same crash bug at the new game in progress Monster Island? This is will be a great problem!

It would

I just don’t know if they did.

I’m still leaning towards wasnt on the list of high priorities

Can you make the news about this when the crash bug will be fixed? Thank you =)

Guys, so the arks Jumboid, Plasmoid, Ninjagust, Hydrablazer, Cruiserfish and maybe someone else I forget cannot be released for now because they crash the app? 



The moves would be very interesting and would’ve added a whole new aspect to the battles had they worked properly

Wasn’t there a bug with Cruiserfish’s Shield? I did see him in an egg…several times…cuz I tried getting one…still don’t have one. Lolol.  But yeah, I am curious.

Although iirc the whole transform slash sacrifice slash summon thingy got people a Ninjagust as a temporary monster in the past. That’s how we found out about its life flipping capabilities, no? 

As for the previously mentioned talk about Hydrablazer being bugged…

It works for me :confused:

I thought Crusierfish was fine, as was hydra.

I forgot hydra was still not out but let’s be honest, hydra is kinda a lackluster ark anyway. At least two moves are meh at best.

I think it was a problem with Cruiserfish’s shield blocking more than it should?

And yeah lmao. They ought to change that…or maybe the possible evolution has stronger skills, idk :confused:

Definitely one of the worst 11* in the game, that’s for sure.