gold egg, mythics banner (log)

Does gold egg features all the mythics in this game? If not then can we use this thread to keep track of mythics banner not in golden egg.

I am personally intrested in knowing when was carmilla , azida and Cynthia featured last time. ( Or how soon they are likely to be featured again)

It goes through a cycle, featuring all the standard pool mythics

Sorry. Does standard pool mean those mythics listed in gold egg info. Or does it mean all mythics available in game??

Standard pool are the mythics which are available all the time in every egg.

i am expeting carmilla tomorrow or sometime next week

azida im expecting around a month ish monday 21st november or that week atleast

cynthia im expecting early to mid december

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Oh god no x3 now i hope my prediction game acctuly good ahahah

Happy cake day

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I also hope your prediction is right. And thanks! I didn’t notice it was my cakeday until you mentioned it.

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5 July , I’ve waiting her for a long time