Hi there!

Long time guest lurker, finally gotten around to registering now HI is no longer just on the distant horizon, getting no closer, and is actually just a few days away from release! :smiley:

I found Dragon Island last year, after searching in hope on the app store for a pokemon lookalike. What I got, for cheap as chips, was an amazing game, and it has probably been my go-to game in my spare time. So I’ve known about HI since its announcement and I can say the developers have been magnificent at revealing just that one more monster to keep me desperately waiting :stuck_out_tongue:

A bit about me: I’m a uni student in Australia (hence the topic title heheh). I don’t really go in for country stereotypes though, and I’m really not someone who rides a kangaroo to work and lives at 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney (yes, I’m a big Simpsons and Futurama lover as well). I love all things in the natural world, and am into photography. That’s probably about it, but I swear I’m a more interesting person than this makes it sound!

EDIT: I should add, I hope using an arkadion as my avatar is okay, but if it’s not, someone let me know and I’ll find something else.

Look forward to getting to know you all :slight_smile:



Welcome to the forums! It’s pretty fun here, you should go jump into the forum games and chat to meet everyone!

And your avatar is fine, you can use whatever you want.

Hey welcome to the forum!  Glad to have you on board!!!  You’re avatar is fine man!  

Hello! I hope you’ll have a good time here. Hoping to see you around more. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums, pitta93!

I am very passionate about photography as well, so if you have, say, a blog or something I will love to see it! ‘7’

I’m looking forward to you here! ‘v’

++You’re signature is perfect by the way

Welcome Pitta

I look forward to seeing you around!

Welcome to the forums! Glad to see more and more are coming. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcome everyone :slight_smile:

Kooka, I don’t have a blog unfortunately, most of my photos are sitting unprocessed (I shoot RAW) on my harddrive, but I plan on getting to them once uni holidays start in a couple of weeks. Birds are probably my favourite subject, so I must say, I love your username :smiley:

Pitta you should get to know Kooka —


And oh,

HI :smiley:

That’s a real shame, if you ever find yourself with one, I’d love to see it! So please shoot me a message maybe? ^_^ 

And as Doom says, yes, I am a tremendous bird lover. >v< I love them so much. I own some budgies and a few chickens, so I’m a happy man. Haha.

So you take a lot of pictures of birds?

For sure I’ll let you know! Do you have a blog or album online somewhere?

Wow, it’s great to find someone else passionate about birds! I don’t have any pets (used to have a budgie), I just like seeing them in the wild doing their own stuff - and we have wild budgies here in Australia (and kookaburras!) so I’ve got everything I could want :D  You’re not Australian are you?

Yeah, probably three quarters of my shots are of birds, I’m not great but occasionally I’ll get something I’m happy with. Birds in flight is definitely my favourite type of photography, not that the hit rate is high at all hahahah!

Welcome to the forums!
Hope to see you around.

Not so much of a blog, but I have some photos at instagram.com/tytacist. Some of them are my drawings, but if you scroll down you can see my cute chickens and some magpies fighting over a leaf, which is my personal favorite, by the way. ;p I don’t use it anymore, though.

I love watching my budgies and chickens interact with each other and their surroundings - it just makes my day so much brighter. They are wonderful bundles of fun. x> And so are the wild ones! Magpies are really adorable to watch (^ fighting over a leaf, and then the winner was trying to eat it when the other one tried to snatch it away again!) and pigeons too. And ducks and herons and ospreys and pretty much every species I’ve seen before.

I am not Australian, but I do want to visit one day. It’s in my top countries to visit if I ever get the funds to. It looks beautiful and a really interesting place to visit.

And ah, yes, the challenge of getting a bird in flight. My camera is not professional/good enough to capture a clear one (it’s a compact camera vv) but I do catch occasional clear ones when the bird is close to landing and such. I find the easiest to catch in flight are maybe crows… or chickens. Our silkies (contrary to what I posted on IG, they are opposite genders, last time they were just too young to tell) occasionally jump into the air while facing each other and it’s so cute. I’m not sure if it’s play fighting or anything, but it isn’t anything serious, because they still stick together and look very healthy.

Sorry for the long post. >< I’m just getting so into this. Do you have a favorite bird?

I like penguins :D 

those are birds 

Oh and I like turtles.

Thanks so much!

I thought so, about the silkies, but I don’t know if they breed in the winter (or autumn, but it’s pretty cold here anyway.)

And yeah, I will, haha.

You took that?! Woah, it’s very clear and beautiful! Nice colors, too! What kind of camera do you use?

I’m using a Canon 50D which I bought second-hand plus a 100-400mm lens, so it’s a fairly serious kit. Took a lot of saving up for it, but I love that it has the quality to get shots like that swallow :smiley:

Dang dude, your photos are like super res I bet!

I’d buy your prints for sure, if I could. I’m not sure if I’m that serious into photography yet but it’s definitely one of my best interests. Thanks pitta! ‘7’

Really? Wow, thanks Kooka! :smiley: I’ve never considered printing any of my shots before.

You should definitely try to get into photography, even a little compact camera can take excellent shots, and that’s where I learnt most of my understanding of how to get good photos. Just be aware it can become an addictive and therefore expensive hobby :o