So in the new event there will be things called gatekeepers which you will fight till you win and when you do you get 5 gems and there are 6 gatekeepers in total all on random floors, what’re your opinions I reckon it’s a nice way to spice up the ultimate challenge and a nice way to earn gems

yeah i dont mid possible 30 extra gems^^

True that, especially since we’re most likely going to be able to spend them on a festival egg as we get them

Oh another luck event! I hope RNGJesus give me a good player’s team to get those gems.

20-25 for most lol
I wonder what happens if you lose to a gatekeeper. Is it a 1 time fight only?

It says you keep fighting it until you beat it

Here was a gatekeeper fight from last event.

The gate keeper are not easy fight. When islandoe one shot your mon with AoE :mellow: .

How high was this on the level system compared to the others?

There were only 2 gatekeepers I believe 200 and 250. So this was the first one