Garcia Game of Hordes Hell Battles

After you beat the 16 levels of each of the 5 difficulties, 5 hell battles appear. Do you get anything special for clearing all 5 of those hell battles (or at least a special cutscene?)

See if you can do them and you’ll find out :wink:

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I need help with the last hell battle. I can’t sleep lock don’t have the monsters. My Shiva combo with Atra and stun bombs didn’t quite make it…I beat the other 4 though. I’ll try again offcourse.

You spend it with stunners at first and then shiva, Lunartic, Simuronix and Skyther. First you stun as much as you can and then when you have the enemy team bronzeshell you share life with simuronix and so you win

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I did it this way

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I don’t have Lunartic but I got a few ideas I’m gonna try

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All done. I just finished Hell mode level 5 with this team:

It took a lot of tickets though. I wish it wasn’t so expensive to play.

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With 5th you can you should you cyberon

Please someone at least DM me the spoiler

There’s nothing to spoil. This extra hell mode is just a seriously tough challenge for the top people in the game that rewards 5 extra gems for doing the battles (1 from each). When you’re done with it nothing special happens.


They should give us a cut scene with Garcia at least. Considering he boasted about the Hell mode.

Yeah, Cyber would be perfect, shocking entrance then Sonic boom to get of the field and Necro with Atra to repeat. .

Only problem, I don’t have him.