Game Complete, 100%(On and Offline) 0 Money Spent On Gems

Yep it’s possible lols. I did it all without a last biter too which is pretty impressive I think xD Now I’m just waiting for new chapters in both the story mode and online. I’ll leave a pic of my team I used for the final 2 chapters, didn’t change much since chap 5 in online.

My egg spins were ridiculously lucky though, I have 3 legendaries with nothing spent (Rexo, Cybereon and Taloknight) and my super epics were pretty nice. No unwanted friend monster tho xD!

I didn’t beat online without penguini tho, my friends GodFeather basically carrier me through the last mission in chapter 5 xD. Chap 6 is so much easier in comparison.

Moral of the story, game is beatable without buying gems as I’ve seen other people claim otherwise. You just have to have patience :wink: I started at Christmas lols.
The team

Congratulation!I should say you are really a good sample for most of the new players here. Good job! And it turns out that Rexo is a awesome legendary monster~~

I did the same. Although with only 2. Flamie and shadowyrm.

I mean, if we are bragging…I started 5 weeks ago and I beat it with 1 legendary;) being rexo. Haha. But nonetheless, good job guys. F2p is hard in most games to a certain point.

Me too.  Started over a month ago.  Only 1 legendary though, Stormloch and 3 super epics with the rest being epics and below.  Had hydrablazer which was very useful with it’s unwanted friend ability.  Recently rolled Luxyrion and Carnofrost so now have 3 monsters with unwanted friend and twin knockback.

Had no legendaries when I beat it, but had one unwanted friender and one timestrike/bloodcraver and one twin killer.

Yup same here, no legendary creatures, just a ton of super epics. But I will say if someone has more crappy luck than me and got only epics, then I would sympathize for people and say it would be impossible.

You’re far away from 100%, since you still have to get to lvl 100 :wink: but that takes time I started in December as well I think and finished in February with lvl 100 and 2 legendaries. Through the countless challenges and 5 star monster rewards I got much nicer team building possibilities and also added 2 legendaries through lucky spins (also no penny spent yet)

I wish the story would continue and maybe a few more levels getting all my legends in a team without going lower than 5 stars with 1 other monster. Also I wanna see and beat the other first ones!!! Only reason I still play

Dungeon challeng is pretty fun atm though. Gotta say it’s funnier than the challenges before :slight_smile: in my opinion at least.

Wow, you must have been really lucky with the eggs. Even on festival eggs I usually end up with 4*, but it’s getting better. At least I survived the first fight against this beast inside the Emperor, but now I’m stuck. I guess I have to train, train, train for a while to raise my max costs, because with my party right now I can neither beat the online nor the offline missions I have to play now. 

Yeah, I did it too, though didn’t see my first legend till spin number 22.