Friend Points and Friend Chest

Hi guys (No nerf thread, don’t worry!)

Let’s go through something a little bit mysterious in this game. Friend Points and Friend chests.

  1. How to earn exactly FP?
  2. How many FP you earn for each summon?
  3. How many FP do you earn for being summoned?
  4. What you can find in FC?
  5. What are the exact odds to find a certain item in FC?

If you have info share with the community.

@Dev_VKC there is anyway you can answer those questions too? Or we are not suppose to know those things?


Nerf friend points!

  1. You can Earn FP by summoning any player or being summoned by any player.

  2. Summoning a Friend get you 10 points, summoning any other non friend player 5 points.

  3. Not sure about amount received from being summoned.

  4. Not sure about what we can exactly find.

  5. Odds are unknown, as far as I know.