free account please??!??!??

Hello there i just joined the forum but ive been playing for almost a year and havent really gotten a good team goin i only have one legend and was wondering if anyone had a team they arent using or feel like helping an unlucky guy like myself :slight_smile:
Ive spent like 75$ + on one profile and get constant epics and dupes… Feel so unlucky an outranked by almost every player in pvp some one please have an extra account for me thnx.
If you do reply and ill gove you my email so i can get the restore code…
Wait giving accounts away is aloowed right? Just not like selling accounts or is it banned either way ??

I have the same problem. :frowning: over 1 year no luck if i get luck at some moments after then i get bad luck like a magnet which catch only bad luck. But the Devs have no solution for this or aren’t interested to solve this problem. :(((((((

Yeah ive gotten constant dupes for dreadfish and stagjaw… I feel outranked see people in pvp with like 4-5 legends and a binch of superepics its sad for me :frowning: my luck is real bad for hatching eggs… Thats why im looking for a free account from someone
At least im not the only one with bad luck (wich is what i thought judging by my pvp battles)
Hey “the wing” is account giveaways allowed or is it against the rule im not sure. Thanks :slight_smile:

I guess that’s allowed but not so popular. Yesterday night i gave away my acc so I’m excited if i get a ban or something else, becausw of account giving away.
And I’m looking too for account and will be care for it and I would be happy. Must not a perfect team be, but with some legends to taste good luck finally. Bad luck tastes like very old socks or old eggs. :wink:

Did you do single rolls? Did you do 10 in 1 egg rolls? Did you roll during special egg events and festival egg events?

Believe me, i can say from my side that i tryed everything to get a legend. While festival always, 1 time i hatched 10 in 1 and got 10 epics so i thought okay that eas 50 wasted gems.
But i got 3 hrs ago Penguini so i can clsave up gems for anniversary festival and have to pass this cool festival :(. The problem is: Every player has the same chance to get a legi. Now it’s really different, some players get legis in a series. Many players have worst luck to heaven. I am e.g. a player with very bad luck and it hurts to see other players with many legis and they are almost at the same hero rank.

So Devs, balance the luck at us players so that every player get the same chance. I love this game but this problem broke it.

you can have a bunch of legends as well if you spent as much as others, what im trying to say is, dont complaint if you cant get a lot of legends since you didnt spend a penny, no offense though

The game must be a bit more fair.not on gems but on rare gems.its really hard to get those gems and as soon as you open one,its another dupe!!! This needs to be taken care of.

F2P Arash

So chronozeroes is your only legend?

 well my luck must be worst than yours, i got 3 legends dupe in a row from rare egg 

I got 4 in a row.

Shadowyrm, Nightlord, Lavaronix, Burnsalot.

gg zard

I got 2 in a row:
Tiama, tri.
My first and only poison legs

Be happy to get legends. The fun is out from this game. :frowning: I will sometimes posting here but i stop playing. To much time and money needed (f2p is insane, need infinitely patience).

Nah, im f2p and have 7 legends… Still i had a lot of fun in the beginning finishing everything with 0 legends

Here is your current problem. If you had stayed with just 1 account from the start rather than restarting over and over again, then you could have all those other legends you used to have concentrated into 1 account. Then you could have 7-8 instead of 1-2 at a time.

F2P does take patience. The successful ones are the ones that stick with it even when they have bad luck. I have 18 legends and I have stuck with the game since it’s start(1 restart to get reroll legend as I had none after the first 5 months.). The rest have followed. After I got warca in april 2016, I waited until august to get the next one. Tiamazus. I waited 4 months between them. I then proceeded to get 12 more in the space of 5 more months. With omegasdragon coming after 3 months of nothing(this festival egg from rare gems). Making a total of 18 legendaries.

The system is set up in such a way that after you roll a large amount of eggs, you will end up with the same number of legends as everyone else. If you are patient, then you will get the number of legends that me and batcop have. I believe Batcop has 19.

I will tell you that you made a huge mistake trading away the shadowhunter account. Shadowhunter is a really good monster that can beat extreme SCBs if you build around him right.

I do know that there are inconsistencies in the system. I want them to be fixed. But until then, you’re missing out. :confused:

I can’t anymore with trying reroll. Yes I’ve made mistakes in the past. 9 months ago ca. i’ve had an acc with prisma and 4 other legis got, but i was dumb and deleted it. What i just want is a acc with many legis if somebody give one away.
And don’t lock this thread after this post plz. I have my good right to get good luck about this way. Ppl with bad luck understand me. Ppl with good luck can’t understand me.

I understand you. My last 3 10 in 1s this festival gave me no new legends. Absolutely terrible luck.

Accounts with lots of legends are hard to come by. Good luck.

Thx. Ok 10 in 1 is simular to reroll first egg… ouch, good luck for next eggs zard. Some min ago Habs offered an acc with 61 legends. I pm him but it was to slow :(.

So if anybody gives away his acc, plz pm me. I promise to care for it and give them love and action in battles and never giving up them.

I started playing this game 4 months after launch, when oniblade and chronotitan released i think

And you are not as bad luck as you think
I personally get my first legend from egg spin at level 72 and second 2 months later

But yeah if you f2p patience is the key.
Now im level 135 with 22 legends
Maybe later i will give you my acc because i might no longer have time to play, so i will pm you later maybe

And dont be sad and be patient my friend