First ones

How does this really work ? , this is the second time this popped up … Don’t know how lol .


when your character glows, click on yourself, and it will bring this up so you cansummon them. There is a little meter that fills when you attack and when its full… Presto summon first one time.

Basically the equivalent of Totems in DIB.

Never played DIB

Click on your character image in battle when he/she glows, indicating maximum energy

They act as a temporary 4th monster on your team. You summon them by…well, what the above posters said. Once they die, they die. Then you just re-summon them later, once you’ve accumulated enough energy.

By using them frequently, they increase in grade, making them stronger.

Thank you

Just for clarification though, they can’t be summoned again in the same fight.

Not a problem! 

But yeah, like JZ said, they can’t be summoned more than once in a fight.

Therefore, it would be wise to strategically plan your use of First Ones. Maybe use them while your opponents are stunned? That would be a great way to get the full benefit of them. They are quite powerful, so it’s wise to use them to their full potential. Unfortunately, they are not usable in PvP. Only in the actual game itself.

Which would make sense then on why its not useable in PVP

Actually you can’t summon the same totem again until you return to town

For me, the first one is not as damage dealer, but as damage fodder, for some reason, the enemy target first one as they primary target more often than my ark, and 2 of the first one have healing skill which is greatly benefit my team (tiamat and arborus)