First ones

Can somebody explain what the letters behind the first ones mean, in the menu where you select them to enter battle?

They will all start F- (I believe), the more u use it the higher they are going to get. The higher the letter, the more powerful they get. The best they can get is S+.















How do they get more powerfull? Some are still E or F at lvl 99…

They get more powerful the more you use them. If you use them one or two times they will go up in rank I believe so.

And the only one worth using is tiamat

I just raised Tiamat 2 levels in rank, and his stats didn’t change at all. Any other ideas?

His stats dont change but he has a higher chance of getting bonus actions like other S grades so raise him even further

I actually disagree with this. I believe their stasuses actually change, just not significant. (tbc by someone?)

All of the first ones will be somewhat useful in ID. I’d rank the holy one before tiamat, then the fire one, then the water one, the rest is just to absorb enemy’s attack, the earth one can heal all arks too (not offering).

They don’t have levels. Even if you arks are all lvl 99, that doesn’t affect the first ones.

First ones only become stronger by you using them more & more in battle, I believe everytime you use them twice, they gain in rank/grade.

They do have levels. You can only check level and stats by summoning them and clicking on them in the queue. The level goes up when you use them, and the stats increase as the level goes up like normal arks. However, the bonus action rank does NOT change as you use them, and neither do the stats once they reach lvl 99. But their letter in the summoning menu still goes up at lvl 99, so it must be for something else.

Ah well i only use tiamat :stuck_out_tongue: