Farm training points?

What is a good way to farm training points?

Replay online missions

Replay the online missions that give you 10 training points upon completion.

Is this mission far from the star? Just started playing two days ago

Not too sure I don’t quite remember…It isn’t just one mission but more like it starts from a certain one and every mission thereafter grants you 10 training points upon completion. But Online Missions for sure is the best place to farm training points.

You start getting 10 training points in Chapter 3. Any mission.  As low as 5 tickets per.

I updated my post then took that off since it isn’t entirely true. But yeah around chapter 3 and onwards.

When I saw this post I hunted for the 10TP missions. The last battle in the 2nd chapter (7 tickets i think) still gave me only 4 TP. The first battle in the 3rd chapter (5 tickets) gave me 10 TP.  What exception did you find?

I think everything from chapter 3 onward gives 10 trainer points. This means that even the cheapest mission in chapter 3 gives 10 TP but anything before that gives less.