Episode XVIII (help required

Guys can someone plz help me with episode 18 of story mode…i just cant beat it…i will attach my monter deck below…plzz help…thanx

Use list view to show ur monster list

Ok will do that

You want to evolve that raven it is one very very good pve monster but he isnt as good in 2nd form and you are kinda limited for now you can play online content for rewards and hatch mons (in festivals it has better odds)

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You can evolve that ninja thunder guy he is really useful he can clone very fast and has stun retribution which ,means you can stun lock the opponent and keep spamming AoE to win when the enemy is tun locked.This strategy even works very well for some high level pve

Hey DMG i have tried hatching many festival eggs but every time i get epics and very rare i get super epics…but i getbetter mons. With gold eggs hatch ik its wierd but its true mate!

festivals have better odds to hatch good monsters but that is luck so you can hatch a lot and get nothing or hatch a little and get good mons

And i am trying to find cryptamide from valley of pyramids for raver 3rd form…

If i hatch 40 pack of festive eggs are there better odds or lesser odds?

I mean the chances to get good mons are better but u o what u want

And is it efficient to keep going pyramid valley again n again for cryptamide or wait for event?

i dont remeber since I get most of my ingredients from Pve events

You should generally spend most of your gems on festivals because they tend to have the strongest monsters and they have way better odds than special eggs.

So DMG u suggest i should wait out n hatch more festive mons.? like till when n how many…approx?

just spend your gems on festival there is no number

Recently i have 38 gems so i should get 2 more and hatch 10 together right?

Or seperately one by one on different festivals? Does hatching 10 together reduce the odds?

Coz it gives 1 rare gem so i guess it reduces the odds when 40 gems pach is hatched?

There should be list view option separately . Dont use delete monster ever

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