EPIC Monsters in the Wild? - not including the temples on Cursed Island

I saw on the wiki that someone found a ninjagust (4 star) in Central Island. Can anyone else confirm this? Thanks

Link for reference:


I know that the devs have been working on making catchable epics, but this early (compared to how fast apple lets them submit things) I find unlikely. if anyone actually would find one and provide a screenshot I would believe it, but at the moment I am sceptical. I will look around there a bit though.


As Bandick is actually around there, it might be a confusion between them, as they are very alike.

I don’t know what side to choose cause it could either be a false claim and a photo of someone getting a ninjagust in a gold egg and then posting it as if he found it in the wild or if there is a capture option and or other monsters on the screen where it is shown then that person who found it should make a post on the forum or the wiki showing the monster in the wild

It was almost definitely someone mistaking a Bandick.