Dungeon run button

I have to restart the app if i need to retreat from mid DC battle. Bring up the run button which doesn’t only run the battle but the whole dc attempt so it’s fair. Also why was it a good idea to change the “online” button on the lower right corner into news feed? I used to use that button to escape the dungeon, now i have to walk back to the stairs or just get defeated, both together taking 5-10 mins

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you can run away from the dungeon by climbing the stairs again, it will take you back to the dungeon screen.

I mean mid battle. And I could escape the dungeon before by clicking the “online” button which is gone now. I messed up at 90+ and there are no torches so the easiest way is to restart the app because of the risk of meeting more battles while walkin to the stairs

I just restart the whole app :joy::ok_hand::ok_hand:
Better then roaming around or battling with no cause :joy: