Dungeon Challenge RNG

Probably I am writing this post out of frustration but I am going to do it anyway.

I did run Dungeon Challenge with 4 monsters only, and I wanted to rely on a setup that does not involve neither stun, neither sleep.

I came up with a team that has no killer weaknesses, not super fast but tanky enough to face 90% of the situations in dungeon challenge.

Now my question is simple:
I have basically 3-4 hard counters over countless combination of monsters that can be found in dungeon challenge. How come those hard counters always appear at a certain point?

I managed only 2 times to reach floor 98 and 99 (and I screwed both chances by misplaying) and maybe I gave 50+ tries, even used all nectar I had.

@Dev_VKC since you are claiming RNG is legit in Neo Monsters how can you explain that I systematically found: Gyomurai, Infernicorn and Dragulus in my dungeons?

Those are 3 monsters, is technically impossible to find them everywhere over 50 consecutive tries!

Now here is the deal: if you want to make an event RNG combinations MAKE IT RNG COMBINATION.
If you are making an event where AI put on your way monsters to counter your team on purpose, that’s a totally different matter.

This Dungeon Challenge was totally not RNG.
Or is again my bad luck to find constantly 3-4 monsters that screw me over almost 3000 monsters released?

Sorry for the bad reaction but really pissed me off not to manage to finish dungeon because the team I came up with is truly good.

PS: not to talk about Sudden Death that hits the player’s team almost all the times.


I know what you mean I make too 99 floor and after mmy hard counter just keep screwing me at 95-96 over and over

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Yes counters are around the corner at all times, so I don’t really believe that’s randomized.

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I can confirmed its not randomized I use shiva and so many time tagosenshi just rekt everything

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If a hold ground monster with 42 sec purify gets countered by tagosenshi the problem isn’t tago

Yes but I hardly find Tago once is a while, we are not arguing how much of a counter Tago is but why appears often to him and not to me.

I think somehow the team you are running matters.

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I use nightrider at low hp they just get one shot no time too purify

Exacly I feel like your first try monster are just random but if you failled that try the next try they know your hard counter and they just gonna keep spamming it until you change your team I may be wrong but your situation sound like mine last dungeons it get very annoying