Dungeon challenge help!

I’m really bad at building for dungeon challenge because you’re just trying to build for survivability without actually knowing what you’re gonna face, so could someone who’s experienced with dungeon challenge please help me build a team powerful enough to get me to the ocarino? My monsters are below. Thanks to anyone with advice.

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Hi @WickerWraith, I can’t really help you build your team but I can give you general advice on beating dungeon challenges.
From my experience,The most important thing you need for dungeon challenges are good front lines. You need monsters that can act sweep and also heal at the same time. Take my team for example,

The main front line elements are: retribution/ slayerbane, stun and one on one.
The way retribution works is: I stunt double using the ninja and when the enemy kills the rockoid, I use slayerbane all and double retribution to sweep or use cannibalize token using dusicyon to heal.
For stun: I use the galv-zues combo with TT and the genie for healing.
For one on one: I use the epic OoO (I don’t have any legendary OoO monster) with sleep immune bunker beast, kanishogun and jackalhotep. I initiate OoO use jackal hotep’s switch friend on epic OoO monster to bring in night lord which acts as a massive sweeper if the opponent team doesn’t have stun counter.
If you noticed, I kept other support monsters like atlan for its stun entrance-salvation moves, rexotyrant and dragia in case one of my main monsters gets taken out.
All this is possible because dungeon challenges allows you to switch monsters between battles. So make the best use of this feature. This team has gotten me up to level 90 and I still have about a week before the event ends which gives me plenty of time to reach level 100
I hope this gives you an idea on how to build dungeon challenge teams.
I might take some time to see if I can help you build a team (but don’t count on it). Cheers.
Also, you need more in your collection to offer more diverse combos.

Your FL should be


You can defeat most enemy teams with bomb curse and one on one

The rest of your team should be 5 star monsters with desperate double, 5 star protector stun absorbers, leoronix, and hanewei (catchable, idk if you have this homie or not)

A lot of people don’t know you can change the order of your monsters between battles in dungeon challenge. Maybe pull out a UC team for short cut/torch battles

After your FL goes, change your FL to 2 desperate doubles, 1 stun absorb/protector, and leoronix/hanewei. If you can get to a situation where all your monsters are in the red healthwise, but not on Hg, you can wreck teams with desperate double and keep your monsters off HG.

Hopefully that helps.

-GaryOak aka Chef Boyardee

I see some potential running galv null night lord and mechaviathan.