Dolphin Bond

Judging by the description… I guess we will have a Dolphin per element except Storm?


I agree :blush:

Jungleflipper is probably grass

@NMEItachi what do you think about this

@NMEItachiUchiha :dolphin::dolphin::dolphin:


@DMGInterference Jungleflipper or dolphariel? Which mon are they? Index please.

They are teasers still haven’t been released yet

Two dolphins which are coming. Jungleflipper is the earth dolphin, Dolphariel is the holy dolphin. Things sometimes get planned long in advance so it’s hard to say exactly when they’re coming but you can probably guess that by now they’re in the monsterdex and they might be next to each other. There’s only one spot in the monsterdex which fits that… the two legendaries before Beetlebrute (2056-2061).

If we get a legendary and it’s one of those two but isn’t a dolphin… they’re probably not in the monsterdex yet and we’ll have to wait longer.