Didnt receive reward

I didnt receive lvl40 reward from Survival of the Fittest wich is the SE Monster anyone got the same issue??
Already pm devs but still nothing

It usually go to the bottom of the reward box i think. Collect em all

Edit: nvm, it goes directly into your monster list.

Nop i got nothing at all and im already at 50+wins

You have probaly been the victim of an old bug from this event.
What happens is sometimes you get up a «try again» message and for everytime you click it you skip 1level and wont get the reward.

I reported this bug last time this event was, but it happened to me again yesterday.

I also faced that bug yesterday.

Yesterday I play and stop a while at level 39…then when I play back, my level at 45. So I miss that SE reward at level 40. Maybe that monster dont like me :joy:

The thing is this SE reward is one of the guys i dont have lol😁 and he will be usefull at UC 1500GK i need him
Devs said nothing iet :expressionless:

Same bug happened to me just now… Feelsbad

send them emails to claim the missing rewards

Already send 2 emails to devs but still nothing

then be patient. they will finally send you the rewards sooner or later.

So how do you use this glitch and till what level it goes

I’m 90% sure I didn’t get my rare gem from sotf even though I’ve passed 57 wins.

same for me actually, i did not get my 55 and 57 rewards.

We are sorry for the reward issue.
Our support team will be going through all the mails, and handling this issue immediately.

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