In happens since the first PvP. What I’m talking about is that after Soulstealer’s Death Sentence All kills the opponent’s monsters the opponent’s following monsters enters and then the game freezes. It doesn’t happen everytime but 60% maybe 70% of my the time. I’m offline events sometimes it happens but after 10-20 seconds the match resumes but not in PvP. PLEASE FIND A WAY TO FIX THIS. I fed up of this situation because I have to close and reset the app.

I know how you feel I lost 37 points when my death sentence went off, froze, and gave me a defeat even though I didn’t quit.

It isn’t just one lost. It’s about loosing half the matches because of it!!

I use SS and never had this bug (neither online or offline) … strange

I’ve only had this happen to me once in PVP though

i am stuck at 60 th day of login bonus (not changing on the next day)  and didnt get any starstrike .i have send them the mail like a week ago but there is no response

What monsters are entering next? Could be an issue with someone’s entrance effect.

Mike the entrance effects are even working properly yet. I guess you guys don’t see the topics about roaring entrance not taking priority but that is still happening too. Don’t know if it’s a related bug to this but I feel like it should be addressed

it’s not about entrance issues. It happens to me against last level of chapter 7 in online missions but after a certain time it resumes. And there isn’t any entrance monster after frontline. The problem is in PvP. I don’t know if it is a connection problem but a lot of times it happens and this causes a game freeze. I can’t even close the app and re open it later, I must reset it.