Daily bonus softlock

I’m trapped on this screen… first it gave me the day 8 bonus and I grabbed it, then it popped up again presenting the day 9 bonus, and I grabbed that too. But now it’s presenting day 9 repeatedly, and every time I claim it it says I already got it. Dunno what could’ve caused this…

Restarted the game and it stopped, only gave me the day 8 bonus. Still confused though.

Hi Luc!

It is great to see you again! I am sorry for the issue.
This seems to happen when a player hasn’t logged in for a while, and receive 2 login bonuses in a row.
Yeah, restart will solve it. We will keep an eye on this weird issue.


yeh, won’t ever be as active as I used to but I think I can hang around a bit. Wondering if there’s any chance of getting mod privileges back? lol

I have this issue about once every 1-2 months. I’m playing the game every few hours but sometimes not triggering the daily login bonus regularly because I leave the game on an event screen. I guess when I leave it so it’s quite close to the next daily login it causes it to mess up sometimes.