Count Lector's shadow arena...21st Dec 2016

Any strategy on the count lector’s shadow arena people? Especially the final one…any help would be appreciated…xD

waiting.  PVP have been open


If anybody would like, I have videos posted for the new Count Lector’s. 



Any strategy on the count lector’s shadow arena people? Especially the final one…any help would be appreciated…xD

I’m not sure if i remember right, but you first stealth all the 400sec bombers then skip twice with saintfeather, send saintfeather back and bring rudolf on the field, the opponent attacks all twice and all of your four monsters die, with rudolf death revanging on one opponent bringing him to HG. Attack once with the sparking attack of saintfeather and bring the second opponent to hold ground, skip with the others, use the secret skill and bring the thrid opponent with dreamhunt to hold ground and then kill him with dreamhunt, bane comes in and kills two opponents, attack bane with the normal attack of the sleep monster and attack chrono with the sparking attack of saintfeather. Then kill bane with the normal attack.

EDIT: Since the video has been uploaded now, this discription is obsolete lol

EDIT2: My strategy seems to be easier to copy

mine is faster: stealth all with bombers --> swap for helper on saintfeather --> two aoe attacks --> death revenge one of the chrono that has used aoe --> two more aoe attacks --> kills all bombers --> left with 2 rockoids, metathor and saintfeather --> retribution with saintfeather on one of chrono (skip all other monsters) --> then use silent night  --> skip twice 100+ seconds sleeping chronos --> dreamhunt once on another chrono --> chrono that has 1 hp wakes up --> desperate bite one rockoid --> saintfeather retribution on another full hp chrono --> the rockoid quake all --> bane enters --> left with one low hp chrono (that uses desperate bite ) and bane --> metathor use megalux on bane brings to half hp --> bane will either use double poison eater that kills one rockoid and saintfeather or metathor --> either way u can kill bane with retribution or megalux (last chrono dies from poison).

the Final one was the easiest so far that I have done.

i just stealth with two of them and skip with saint and one other bomber, then keep on skipping until that one bomber dies and then swap for helper. the next turn the two bombers will die and you can use retribution on one and sleep grenade on the other. from the remaining two monsters, 1 will die from death revenge and an assisted lux + ultralux should be able to take out the other monster, well that’s how i was able to easily defeat it :slight_smile:   

My strategy:

  1. Skip with everyone, one aoe.
  2. Swap a bomber for helper, skip with the other two, one aoe.
  3. Flip all, skip the other one, one aoe. This one must kill rudolfonzo, and the DR must not hit the remaining chrono. Else you will not win.
  4. Flip all, one aoe. This one must kill the bomber that was swapped or you will fail.
  5. Stealth the other two bombers, and sleep grenade a chrono, not the one at 1 hp.
  6. Use retribution and dreamhunt to put all of them at 1 hp, then bolt/splash/flame one of them to bring bane in and kill the rest.
  7. Beat bane down with what you have left.

1.skip skip skip,dreamhunt

2.swap myself(Dont others)

3.after death revenge.hold the life if it below 1/3 by lifeall.

3.slient night .

4.dream hunt .double dream hunt 

5retribution doubledreamhunt retribution


Ugh!  Even with videos and multiple strategies, I still can’t beat the final challenge!  Either my Saintfeather gets taken out by a desperate bite because the Rudfonzo kills one of the low TI Chronos, or I get massacred by Bane’s double poison eater!

These challenges aren’t about pure strategy or skill.  There’s a huge luck factor as well.  Also, the one thing I really hate about the video walkthroughs is that it’s really easy to blink and miss a step that turns out to be crucial to the whole strategy.

Take, for example, the moment after Saintfeather uses Silent Night.  My understanding is that you need to skip a lot of turns to make the enemy TIs high and also make it so that your own monsters wake up quickly enough to damage the Chronos.  I didn’t realize exactly how many times I’d have to skip to get the timing just right, so I ended up Dreamhunting too early and got killed by a Desperate Bite on my Saintfeather!  Ugh!

So maybe, instead of just listing your strategies, maybe also include important information that you’ve found out over time, like how long sleep effects last, or what monsters you’re skipping with (because they don’t always start in the exact same order).

My strategy should work out alright, as long as steps 3 and 4 work in your favor. When bane comes in he’ll kill metatherion and SF, but your other 2 bombers should be able to bring him down.
This way is fool proof

Thanks, JackScale.  After 5-7 attempts depending on luck (and having none as Bane bypassed the Rockoids), we tried your way and everyone got the win.