Well guys as our predictions became true. Our beloved starters will be ingredients for him, I HOPE HE IS WORTH IT with THE 4 MONSTERS.

Well if he is, then sacrifices would be made, for this game to me MORE interesting…


Happy hunting =)

yes my galvabane so sad

make another one

I believe your Galvbane is safe, read again ;D

Personally, I just really, really hope that the devs are planning to release more moaliths in the future. They’ve released 5, which is the minimum required for this new guy. It would be really mean if they stopped it there, because that would mean NONE of the super epics for the few people that managed to get all five, and for those who don’t have all five(like me), it would mean no chronozeros ever :frowning: devs please, please keep the moaliths coming.

They will continue to have events for them otherwise any players starting now would have no way to get the SE forms or chrono

we will have more moliath events!

Doesn’t creating 2 galvbane automatically merge them?

It means when you have +9 and +0 starter se.
Your +9 would be dead right ?

Nope, starters don’t fuse. The old ones do of course, though.