Chocolate fury confirmed??

Thanks devs for the regular free gems
The new event looks so sweet and eatable

Hopefully the monster will be a bit better than the Christmas one

New throw fodder, makes target monster take 300 seconds to eat chocolate.

Fat Leo
A special counter against Leo which makes him less able to absorb stun by forcing him to absorb chocolate instead

I don’t get it,why everybody hates Leo?all want to create or buff monster to take him out of way!!!

it’s probably because stun is a very common thing in the game, a lot of people run stun mons in 5th slot so Leo counters that completely

Cuz one monster is a counter to so many monsters is too op

isn’t he easily countered by chrono killer or a throw monster though? plus he takes a while to charge his damage aswell plus weak to sleep and poison, he’s far from op tbh and that’s coming from someone who uses a stun setup

You can kill him various ways,believe me,I done that before,and I don’t agree with you,new Mons have new skills and with every update devs made previous leg more and more buffed.sorry to say this,but since Leo is limited and most don’t have him,no one is here to defend him.goldtail and wraithcaptain in sleep type,bane and tridrakhan in poison,camouflages,roaring entrance,… And the only monster all aimed is Leo!!!

It isn’t that he is unkillable, it is that he can eliminate all stun from your team while he is on th field. It is hard to kill him when he get 7 turns in a row and gets that many kills.

I agree with Zard,

that’s why he’s always my priority kill as my team is heavy stun, always tricky with aegis on the field aswell though

Sorry zard to say this but you want to make a team with 7 stun entrance Mon?so I think if you want to make such this team(as a f2p I mean if you have this many Mons so I can’t imagine how many a money spender can have) so I think we need buff on Leo,since its the ONLY way to face guys like you.I think this is at least a fair thing devs did.

he doesn’t need a buff imo I’m so thankful he doesn’t have hold ground that would be a nightmare you let him set up properly and he sweeps , especially if the line up Consists of stun entrances

Let’s try to keep this discussion to chocolate monster

I always thought deo is unstoppable, after saw what penguniator capable is,I change my mind(i dont have these and can only pkay with them as avfriend mon)and I’m pretty sure there are even better monster than these and I don’t use them till now,but this idea(facing Leo as a stun counter Mon) is the worste idea to buff or create new mon,we must see what is needed actually not what you need to be unstoppable, right now we have 2 holy auto poison,so what is you’re opinion on this?it would be better if they change one of them to another type.what is the point if one element be better at legs?sorry zard but I’m very disappointed by your thoughts, you should be at our side,f2p can’t pay and they don’t have a lot time to just play and play and keep hoping for hatching leg,if some one want to be unstoppable he/she can spend money but monster like don penguinu,…, are only hope for us and if someone manage to get a good monster(like first ones or another limited time Mon) he wants to see his Mon roll,you guys have almost all Mon,so it would be good for you if the monster got buff on the way you want,changing in last update satisfied some of you,don’t it?

yeah it got a bit out of control my bad

lochi I want to ask one question,why some element are weaker than the rest,I mean I think you should consider releasing monster in this way too.
Once I face one player who built his entire team based on holly/dark and I saw the differenc very clear then.I mean why holy type has 2 auto poison monster?they have tridrakhan one fire but what about other element?
I once said it for last bitter too,and one more thing,don’t you think it would be better if you set one of the poison monster as a leader in this ranch?I mean bane has potential but need a very little help.a bit more speed,or lower TU,or a secret skill to fast poison enemy(maybe 30TU would be good).but of course it is only suggestion :wink:

Sorry,I got carried a way.I should post these some other place.

2 holy autopoisoners is fine. I would like to see some way of diversifying the autopoison legendaries somehow but I think there are more pressing ones that could use diversification first. Like Warca and Bazilogon, Nebelronix and Cosmodragon, and Rexotyrant and Kamishogun.

Believe me, I don’t want a leogeist buff in ANY way AT ALL. I actually did run a pure stun team for a while and leo just ■■■■ me out of top 50 altogether. Nothing I could have done with that stun team. So I was forced to go pure poison. Fun.

7 stunning entrances is not a crime. Just an alternative team.

It is true that some elements are better than others. This has been brought to Tyler’s attention though. So don’t worry about it.

Zard, other than your flavern, what other poisons do you use? Is the octojungle at all useful?

I have banedragon, flarevern, tiamazus, tridrakhan. Octojungle starts out useful but gets less so later.