Champion Rank ~ Given Monsters?

I want to know what the best possible team combination to use for the Champion Rank, using only the Given In-Game Non-Egg roll monsters. If this is not possible, then the game is rigged… the story mode should be able to be completed… as all story modes should be… with at least one team combination of given Monsters in the game. This means:

No Egg-Rolled monsters,

No Purchased Monsters

No Online Dungeon Mode Monsters

You can only use the Super Rare and the Epic starter monster given to you in the game

A guide explaining how to do this would be much appreciated, cause I’m stuck at the 4th round Champion rank (did you notice… the champion rank master of the 4th round exceeds the normal hero rank monster cost limit?)

Simply put, no purchase necessary to win!

You have to use 1 egg in the game so count that as well

Huh, don’t think anyone actually attempted without egg roll monsters. Probably not. We spin when we either get five gems from play or by buying and use those monsters since catchable monster are too weak.

i can assure its gonna be impossible im afraid, UNLESS you got extremely lucky with death roulette but at the beginning you will get egg monster anyways so yeah.