Challenge I: Venom Legion

Can anyone post a bit of information on how to ‘easily’ beat this one? What line-up to use?
I don’t have legendaries but I do have a few super epics…

Any tips are welcome :slight_smile:

Post your team and monsters in rate/build under pinned posts we will help you there

Ok done that :slight_smile: if you could have a look please. Thanks!

What strategy is used in this one

I managed to beat this; the chimeraxus from the tower challenge is made for this. Your own monsters won’t fall asleep to one-on-one if they’re poisoned, and that bloodcrave is vicious. Unwanted friend is also amazing here, but not everyone is lucky enough to have that.

This is what i used, timestrike/stunner combo

The first challenge is over.

Oh right lol I actually meant the second challenge now. Posted the same question in the correct topic now. If you could help me there maybe? :slight_smile: