Celestron or raizan

Got 2 legends. Can only evolve one. Who’s better?


Ok, but what makes him better (other than being limited)

I don’t know, celestrion having a 160 second entrance is an enormous step up from 80. Raizus won’t have chrono killer, but maybe that’s a price you’re willing to pay.

I would go for celec unless you got another shocker (nightlord or the yellow mechanic bird thing)

Tbh I don’t use unevolved legends and I has to be with being on my team so I’m kinda tempted to use celestron after chronozeros

I have neither. That said, I’m way more afraid of Raizen than a shocker. I’ve faced some Raizens that were masterfully used and picked me apart.

Evolve Raisin first

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Yea I did raizan but have no idea what to do with it. Sorta just slapped it in there

Pair it with galbvane :wink:

and dolph

Will do thanks

Raizen gets more from the evolution, the longer stun on celestrion is nice but not as essential as chrono killer imo.
Also celestrion is utility whereas raizen is a sweeper, and you always want sweepers evolved because moar damage.
Raizen goes especially well with galvbane in the frontline, it’s been a high tier opener for a long time now

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The secret skill on Raizen is godly. He’s a brilliant 13-cost monster but stun blitz sets him up so nicely it’s worth the extra cost!