Catobledus legendary evolution????

Was catobledus gonna get a legendary, saw this on the fandom




Ya. I have also checked and it shows as six stars :star_struck: and I think they may release it’s legendary version in upcoming anniversary event :wink:


That would be awesome

Thanks for mining for us

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Have you checked other monsters @Tavaray?

Another earth :green_heart:

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I think the legendary evolution for catobledus has now been aborted since it has not come out this anniversary and it has been removed from the fandom…

I think it was a troll who added it to the forum, since it’s a fan wiki

That would make more sense seeing that there is someone who wrote a bunch of nonsense on the information page

Just to add it here, but it’s very self explanatory (not a leak, just nonsense)


I just had a feeling someone would have posted something like that here!! Haha!

That message is just downiright savage!

…I know that this wasnt the msg you were trying to give but, wasnt the dev wrong? Like isnt the monster he wrote that for very similar to the leak?