Campaign Egg

Hello there,
Small question, would you recommend the campaign egg? I got 80gems left and i’m not sure if i should wait till the 3rd anniversairy. 20% off sounds like a good deal for me but i can imagine that there is a better deal in the near future :smiley:

If you don’t have shockers then roll, otherwise there is no need.

One thing I just noticed is that the names of Cyberdrake, Guardiron and Ponyus are colored blue, which usually indicates which monsters are limited time only. Are those three going to be taken out of the gold egg pool in the future?

I wouldn’t neccessarly say that. Each roll will guarantee you at least a legendary egg. So for newer players this is a good opportunity to get some more.

@LeMuR I would probably wait for the anniversay festival as you usually can buy gems cheap (if preferred) and the legendaries available are also “better”. But, this offer isn’t bad either. Sooo yeah, your choice. ^^

Thanks for your answers. @DarKsidE555 i’m nearly f2p so that’s not interesting for me^^.
As my legendary list is not that big now i rolled one time. I will save the rest for one roll in the next event with a guaranteed legendary at first try.

Funny Thing: My only Shocker is Celestrion, so guess what i rolled 2 (!) times in this pack. Still happy with Mechaviathan which was the third.

That would suck

2 packs. 2 legends. 2 dupes…

Same buddy, better save those precious gems for anniversary :smiley:

Still got 284 for when there needed

This is a cool egg. For newer players it’s good for getting tons of legendaries for their gems. For older players who want to focus entirely on limited legendaries this egg only offers one, the new monster, so that’s available guaranteed for 240 gems.

Personally I’m giving it a miss because I have all three standard shockers and I think the passive is a bit too situational to be worth spending gems on Zephyrin. Hopefully I’ll pick it up at a later date in another egg though.

The low attack makes me unsure about the strength of timestrike and chrono killer. @Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD It would’ve been great to have a test battle available via the egg news. Thanks for including the baby version, that’s important to see.

I got Chronotitan from first pack

Looking at this Zeph baby again… I wonder if it’s worth keeping in the first form as a 5-cost stunning entrance + stun burst monster! I guess maybe it won’t be possible to train only in speed to get towards that 82% speed without accidentally taking it into the second form, but might be worth a try if you do one training point at a time and always pick the speed card.

Edit: Or just trick the game by closing the app each time you don’t get a speed card. Do one training point at a time and you could easily train just speed (you didn’t hear it from me) :wink:


You need about 44% speed to get turn with stunning entrance without the enemy getting turn. So if you are able to get the stunning entrance to work you’ll get a free stun burst without interference

Me too. Had 80 gems. Cause of the guranteed, I rolled. First pack. Chrono. Second pack. Serapheon dupe.

That doesn’t seem to work for me. I’ve tried it in the past but the game always continues from the start of the same training session with the exact same cards each time. Even if I force close the app. Upon reboot I start at the same training session with same cards.

That’s some good coding, I’m proud of them! I’m still going to campaign for them to nerf second form Tortogeist and make sure they don’t accidentally make any other monsters better in their second form. When there’s weird things like this in the game it’s not good for it.