Cambio del codigo de restauracion

Soy nuevo en el foro y me gustaría plantear que se añadiera la opcion de cambiar el codigo de restauracion mediante gemas pagadas esto incentiva a que se realicen mas compras en la aplicacion y ayuda a aquellos que compran o cambian cuentas no sean estafados

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Buenas Herley_Lopez este foro solo admite la comunicacion por el idioma Ingles, si se te complica, podes usar un traductor, como el de Google por dar un ejemplo =)

Hi, Herley_Lopez, this forum only supports communication in English, if it gets complicated, you can use a translator, like Google’s to give an example =)

Here is your translation:
I am new to the forum and I would like to suggest that the option to change the restoration code through paid gems be added, this encourages more purchases to be made in the application and helps those who buy or change accounts not to be scammed

Lol they wouldn’t encourage that type of activity in the first place.

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The pure fact that people are “”“giving out”“” accounts to others and devs are blind to that…

Again same topic

If a friend give his account to me is not a problema
Why are you so upset with that :person_facepalming:

Firstly, you are not allowed to give/sell accounts to other players.

Secondly, this does not solve any problem because it would allow people to permanently steal accounts by changing the restore code, or to take them back after selling. Hence, the company would have to deal with misuse where a person can claim “somebody stole my account” and they will reverse it to the old code / give a new one. I.e. The original owner of the account can still reclaim the account even if the new owner changes the restore code… just extra stuff going on in the middle which wastes the time of the Devs.

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That didn’t stop @NMEduck who openly bragged about it on another thread jajajajajaja


I would really like it if you could please help me change the code of my neomonsters account, I have dedicated a lot of time and effort to it, I have had it for more than 2 years and I have not shared the code but it seems that someone trying random codes managed to guess the code. d mine and I spent some gems that I had, please I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me so that this does not happen again; thank you

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Me pasa lo mismo quiero cambiar el código y no puedo :disappointed:

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No account theft problem would exist if you could only change the restoration code after playing continuously for 30 days on a new device. Also, if they were to implement that change in the restoration code, no one would risk losing their account through a sale or by lending it. It happened to me that someone gave away a Facebook account (which was much more advanced than mine) and I obtained it, but it seems that someone else got hold of it later and sold it on Facebook. I logged in and deleted all the monsters. It’s true that it wasn’t right, and I regret it, but it doesn’t matter anymore.