Best 10 arka

Wich are the 10 best arka?




N° of stars

Where i find him

Of the ones that are currently in the game that have been available or are available to people, I would say:

  1. Omegawyrm - 12 stars, fusion: Magmawyrm + Typhonwyrm 

  2. Guardiron / Destructor - both 12 stars, they came from missions. 

  3. Triphoon - 11 stars, came from a mission.

  4. Typhonwyrm / Magmawyrm - 10 stars, (Typhon = fusion: Hydrowyrm + Ventowyrm, Magma = fusion: Pyrowyrm + Gaiawyrm) 

Not real sure beyond this. 

Theres a few others that I won’t mention but call them a surprise.

Well, yeah, I didn’t mention the ones they shouldn’t know about yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Triphoon, guardiron and destructor are available?? I thought they were for future missions…

Uh, well, … yeah, I guess they will be for future missions. They were only available to beta testers, so I shouldn’t have included them there. Sorry about that! 

Though they [may] be available in a gold egg? I’m not sure about that.

Nope, those are not available and only 6 maybe have those Arkadions.

Btw, I dislike the name changes

The old names were weird but it defined them

Vegitiger and kamiwyrm? ^o^

You shouldn’t have Kamiwyrm, almost nobody should have Kamiwyrm >.>


Who has kamiwyrm? 

What is kamiwyrm?

Ain’t nobody got kamiwyrm.


I don’t think its possible to get it within a months time.

Sounds pretty cool though.