Battle of Verosia, total costs too high?

Maybe I am too stupid to see my mistake, but everytime I want to start a battle I get the message „total costs too high“ even if attack team is 31 and defending is 60. :thinking: I am far away from 200/300 total costs.

Sorry picture of error message is in German.

How about your regular team, not the Attacking neither defending teams, but the one used in other battles? maybe is something happen with that team…


Thanks Derfel, that was the hint not coming in my mind. I had a regular team active where costs are too high. :face_with_peeking_eye:

Thank you for reporting. Like @Derfel said, it is the case.
We will fix this issue in the next update. Sorry for the confusion.

@Dev_VKC Thank you for your answer. It happened due to activating all the secret skills for defending and attacking teams. :grin:

Thanks for that hint, it solved my issue too :pray: