Any League of Legends players?

Anyone here play LoL?  If who would be interested playing some games together?

(Note I suck at the game but still find it entertaining :smiley:   )

No, but now i am considering getting it just to play when im at my friends house.

It is free to play.

I know, i am just debating with myself on weather to get it or not…

Twisted Fate FTW! XD



A character.

See I don’t play lol

Cho’ Gath

He is my tank of choice. I also especially like his gentlemanly attire skin.

Nom, nom nom

Yes, much like myself, he does like to nom nom nom. I love that attack, it works so well. I was in a match and one of my teammates used a power that grew all of our team in attack and size…I was already full size…I took up the screen :L

Now pick a card

I pick nothing ha

My card is a cat wrapped in bacon ;3

I like when you see Cho at the beginning of a game, he looks so small and cute.  ^.^

Enough with the cats wrapped in bacon, this forum is devoted to all WAFFLES

Not this topic.

I’m not going to spam I just didn’t wand those abominations polluting these forums.

Still. Just playing it safe.