Advertising Neo monsters(Gone Wrong)

Hey devs,

What I know is that Neo monsters is a very underrated game and not so populer…Yeah It has 1+ million download but it still seems very underrated. you can try to advertise this game.maybe on YT…

What do you think?Write your opinions below.:arrow_down:


Good morning, today’s lethal injection is sponsored by

Neo Monsters



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Are you also a fat ugly virgin sad from the jio ■■■■ ban ? There’s something you can do 'bout it.
YES ! You heard it right-
Here’s Neo Monsters- Your destination for bus*y and booty waifus
So go get it now on google play store or app store.

bruh what he said was not directed towards you, it was directed to the audience (the people seeing the ad if ever) and you took that WAY off

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oops sorry! I misunderstood you.Please forgive me for badmouthing you SORRY brother…SORRY

Oh it’s ok bro. I didn’t even read it. Take it easy

They can’t advertise it too openly cos then they have to comply with age restrictions and such stuff