Achievements thread

I think it is time for some positivity amidst the storm caused by the new designs and also COVID-19. So I checked if there was a thread where we could talk about what we are proud of or have achieved in this game we all are so passionate about and didn’t find any. I’ll start. Got my 100th SCB win today that made me think: man I’ve been around for a while :sweat_smile:


Dang man good for you! Since I lost my first account and picked the game back up a year ago I have yet to grind that high. One thing I am proud of is I was able to beat whales treasure for the first time last time the event came around. The highlight was beating the fire boss with the mediocre team attached. Super cool to see the strategy work.

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Ironically I got my 60th chamber of the statue today, the final achievement there! Maybe it’s time the Devs think about adding some more goals for these :wink:

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