Account Lost


I have a problem with my account.
I changed smartphone last September, then I downloaded neomonsters on the new device and used the code to restore the game.
Today i played Neomonster few hours ago. Now i entered the game, but the game started from the beginning (i was asked to choose the first monster).
Question 1: do you know why it happened? i tried to turn off and on the phone but didn’t worked.
Question 2: i still have the old smartphone. if i use the code that i have on that device, will i restore the game as of September or the games as of today?

i was Level 134 help meeee please :frowning:


Use restore code, if not working, email support hut they’ll be back after a week coz of holiday


but can i use the old restore code? i do not have the last one unfortunately…


If you didn’t change it it may work. Try it out. Otherwise as xyzen said you have to contact support but they are currently on holidays (japan)


1 account has 1 restore code, you can use it 10 times a year


Thats exacly what happend to me


I managed to fix it