@Dev_VKC just after the update one of our clan members noticed something unusual with the acceleration.
I decided to test everything and here is the data

Before update
After update

The same thing happened with elem acc

Earlier it used to be 64
100•0,85•0,75 ≈ 64

Kattmander self acceleration as well: 21->20tu 49->47 tu

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Yup same with canon acceleration, the only one not affected is stealth acc

Yeah they changed it now so we don’t get diminishing returns any more. A 20% reduction gives a 20% reduction. Previously it worked like this (extract from KD's Bonus Potions and Entrance Speed guide)…

Rounding and acceleration notes:
It’s worth noting that while the game will round the TU’s to a whole number, they’re stored as a fraction so when you accelerate you may get different results from what you expect. Also, accelerate given by moves (e.g. accelerate team, 20%) reduces the move TU of potted monsters by slightly less than the percentage. For example, a 130TU move at +9 is 110TU and accelerated by 20%/26% is 91TU/85TU while a 110TU at +0 accelerated by 20%/26% is 88TU/81TU. In real numbers, accelerate is made 4% less effective for each +3 bonus. E.g. A 20% acceleration on a +9 monster actually gives an acceleration of 17.6%.


The devs have always had difficulties with simple multiplication :cry:


So now elem acceleration is POG if you’re using already +9 monsters.

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