A new game glitch

Something3 is op bro

I think it must have to do something with the new update coming. Thats what I think

I really hope it comes soon and with it a festival egg for valentines

I am thinking that the update will come a week or two after the valentines festival and when will it start

Sloww down it isn’t for certain there will be a Valentine’s festival. It is highly likely but not for certain.

No it’s not for certain but they have covered all the other holidays

Highly likely. Should start in a few days if there will be one.

They should really announce festivals and stuff a few days before hand

They’d never do that. Barely any (if any at all) game companies announce an in app promotion BEFORE the actual promotion has started. People would hold out and not spend until the promo starts. By not announcing beforehand, there will be people who spin before the promo and spin some more once they see the promo. More $$$. I’ve said this many times now.

Dint know that games did that I don’t play many other phone games except coc and avalon
But you are right